Friday, August 24, 2007

Vintage Dresses

**Update: I found the pattern on ebay!

We've been so busy this week with visiting the Zoo, Vermont, catching up at home and entertaining. Tonight we are getting together with Nadia and Connie for coffee at Starbucks..We haven't seen them in ages.

Anyhow, talking about catching up, I've been going through stuff in my craft studio and I came across this poster/easel I got in 1999. Don't ask me how I remember the year but it was during my days working at the Bank. Butterick was introducing Retro Butterick and this is the dress I've been looking for! My Mom will sew it for me, I just need to buy the pattern right?......Well I just found out it's no longer available, Butterick emailed me back (that was nice of them)....Now why did I wait so long?..I guess it wasn't a priority for me then....but it is now.... Anyone know where I can get this pattern? sigh!

In other news, I received Heather's beautiful package. I love the vintage tea-shirt so much I want to wear it all the time....check out her beautiful shop. Thank you for making my day brighter Heather!

Happy weekend!

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