Friday, August 15, 2008


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Can you believe it's the middle of August and the weather has been crappy! We have some construction work happening in the area so it's been a little busy in our cul de sac circle. I'm off this week and this is what my week was like....

Monday: Cleaned up, decluttered, laundry...more rain!
Tuesday: Some errands in the morning, kids at daycamp, I had lunch with the Ladies, made some pizzelles for Connie, dinner at Connie's. (She has a 3 month boy and an 18 year old girl). Wow!
Wednesday: Early walk with Ida; decluttered some more, dropped off Miss Tanya at a friend's house, rained again.
Thursday: No rain in the forecast. Early walk with Ida; Someone banging on our door! Glad I was dressed! 2 firemen asking us to evacuate the house! What? Yep, a gas leak. I grabbed my purse and the kids ran out with their PJs.... So 7 firetrucks, 1 police car and all the neighbors outside. It was scary, the leak was right in front of our house. I got to talk to some neighbors, lots of eye candy and an hour and a half later we went back home, we spent the afternoon at the pool club.
Today, more laundry, buy school supplies, hopefully no rain in the forecast, getting ready for the pool!

In other news, hubbie and I went to some flea markets last week. We're looking for an antique dresser for a vanity sink. No luck at all. Anyone know where I can get a dresser in the Montreal area?

Enjoy your day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy we found each other! You mention pizzelles and that you are Italian...hooray - could you share some recipe or the other for us to try? Here we are in the middle of the Prairies - where a jello mold is considered the equivalent of culinary haute couture!! (I know my saucy is a terrific cook - but we have never made a pizzelle for instance)! Your blog is so pretty - your cooking must be the same!!! xoxo the fan