Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back soon...

My luggage is almost packed. It's time for our Girlfriend Getaway trip, 9 Fabulous ladies heading to Clearwater, Florida. Looking forward to some sand, sun and especially good company. It will be great therapy! I'll be back with great pictures too!
Have a great week!


crazy train said...

I love Clearwater! The sun, the sand, the pier.... Oh have a safe fun filled trip!


Gaia said...

I look forward to hear from you about your trip when you'll be back...Have a nice one!

Small House said...

Enjoy your getaway! Sounds so nice and FUN to get away with friends.

Made those same flowers from "Country Living". They are simple and fun. I'm going to use them as a table decoration at a gathering in June.
Have a good day.

megan and melissa said...

The trip sounds wonderful. I like to have a girls trip with my sisters. It is nice to just get away. The problem is coming back! Have a good time. Thanks for stopping in on my blog!

trishie said...

Have a great trip!