Sunday, May 21, 2006

My To-do list

Sleep in as long as you can
Serve barbecued anything for dinner
Plant herbs - rosemary, parsley, oregano, basil, thyme, mint
Make sandcastles with your kids
Collect sea shells
Host a neighborhood bike parade
Make a collage
Write out your favorite quote and frame it... hmmm somthing like - If the shoe fits buy it in every color!-
Take a walk early in the morning
Take tons of photos of your kids
Start a mother daughter bookclub - DONE, Thanks Ladybugs!
Take a yoga class DONE
Stargaze out your bedroom window
Start a scrapbook NOT FINISHED YET
Build dinner around a salad - no cooking!
Sip coffee on the porch - or martinis, as you wish
Buy the funkiest flip-flops ever
Download a new song for your iPod
Ignore your to-do list for one day
Sit on a park bench and people watch
Hire a teenager to help you around the house
Host a tea party
Do something out of character.....?
Take a one-day workshop
Buy a journal
Hang out in the greeting card isle (on a rainy day)
Load up on magazines
Test-drive a new author
Read the newspaper in random order
Play Sudoku (bring it with you everywhere you go)
Make a list of easy dinners
Swap recipes with other moms
Mail funny postcards to someone who could use a laugh
Shower with greatsmelling soap
Soak in the tub for an insanely long time
Create a playful playlist
Indulge in dark chocolate - it's health food
Have a pampering pedicure
Do the home spa thing
Reconnect with an old friend
Listen to a motherhood podcast
Rent old movies
Plan your next girlfriend's getaway (NYC!)
Have a picnic
Drink tea in a fancy tearoom (The Ritz?)
Buy some new sunglasses
READ in bed (I do that all the time)
Get lost at the library or the bookstore
Take in a movie matinee
Visit a museum
Make lemon granita...
Drop by an art gallery
Treasure hunt in a second-hand store
Go antiquing
Play tourist in your own town
Go for a drive in the country
Get a facial
Organize one drawer, one cupboard, one closet! In my case, the craft room
Decorate your jeans, t-shirt with fabric, fabric paint and trim
Have a safe summer!

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