Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Is it useful and beautiful

Declutting is an emotional ride. While tackling this project, I will ask myself;

Is this item useful to us?, and Is this item beautiful to us?
I really need to stick to the plan. 
Any ideas on how to simplify declutting?   Oh, this will be a bumpy ride....


Jennifer said...

I pick 1 drawer or 1 box or 1 bag -it didn't accumulate in a day - so I give myself permission to not be overwhelmed. All of a sudden I cleaned out 1 dresser drawer, or donated a huge box of paperback books I'd wanted to get rid of for 3 years - then I said "well done". I talk to myself as I would a friend...what would you say to your friend? With Love, jenn

Jennifer said...

oh... and I believe in you. Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Amy said...

I need help decluttering my home too! One one hand, it's cathartic to be rid of clutter. At the same time, I'm a sentimental sap who doesn't want to throw away anything!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Have you heard:
"Do I love you because you are beautiful or are you beautiful because I love you??"

Not easy!!!!

Pinecone Camp said...

Jennifer sounds sensible - I'd take her advice! Really, I need help with this problem too. As I type this, I'm elbowing piles of garbage all over my desk. Grr.
Love your's very happy.