Saturday, May 21, 2011

Turquoise in the bedroom

Turquoise is a great color for the bedroom. We're loving it for everything from modern to traditional to eclectic style rooms. It can be paired with creams and whites for a crisp look. Combine it with orange, pink, or green for a preppy color pop.  Mix black and turquoise for a sophisticated d├ęcor.

Turquoise in the Bedroom
Studio Ten 25 via Design Shuffle (via)
Turquoise works for walls, bedding, carpet, accessories and lighting. Choose a turquoise light fixture or throw to add a little touch of turquoise to your space. Or paint a wall, choose a wallpaper with turquoise background or accent colors, or hang turquoise curtains. A little or a lot of turquoise all depends on your personal preference.
Turquoise in the Bedroom
Interior Designing (via)
We love the deep turquoise upholstered bed, striped curtains, and lighter blue accents in this soothing bedroom -- feels fresh.
Turquoise in the Bedroom
Creative Juice  (via)
This room's wall and trim all painted the same turquoise color is a bold statement. We love the white tree painted above the bed, along with the orange & white accents.
Turquoise in the Bedroom
Bouncing Off the Walls  (via)
A painted turquoise nightstand is a great way to add turquoise to the bedroom. Just a single turquoise piece can add a nice burst of color.
Turquoise in the Bedroom
Design Ideas Daily (via)
We love the turquoise headboard, painted desk, and table lamp in this bedroom. The brighter turquoise is nicely balanced with more subtle turquoise in curtains and other accessories.
Turquoise in the Bedroom
Top Celebrity Fashion 2011 (via)
This might be our favorite bedroom. We love the combination of turquoise, cream, yellow, and gold as well as the layers of patterns and variation in hues. The gold and white pendant light on top each bed is a nice addition to the lovely space.
Flickr (via)
Gorgeous chinoiserie wallpaper with blue birds is offset with bright turquoise table lamps and small Chinese inspired stools. We also like the turquoise against the black and white rug.
Turquoise in the Bedroom
Inspire Bohemia (via)
For a modern girly feeling, turquoise paired with hot pink and white is a fantastic combination. Love the fuchsia against the aqua wall.
Turquoise in the Bedroom
Cloud Front (via)
Turquoise and chartreuse are a classic, preppy color combination that can also be modern, as seen in this bedroom.

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Nicole said...

turquoise is one of my fav colors ever. Love this!

Esther Kim said...

Everything looks great! Thanks again Angie for giving us this wonderful opportunity to guest blog on your blog :)

Bring Pretty Back said...

Pink is my favorite, but I have been on a aqua/turquoise kick ! What a bright and happy rooms to wake up in.
Have a pretty day!

AT HOME BLOG said...

Beautiful bedrooms!!!!The first one is my favorite :-)

Mr. Teacher Guy said...

turquoise is awesome. wish I had the nerve to go at my walls with it... :)

Anonymous said...

The tealish, blue iceish, turquoisish comforter on here is super cute. I've been trying to figure out where it is from. Any ideas?