Sunday, March 26, 2006

For all our teacher's out there!


Teacher's ABC's

A is for the abundance of questions you answer
B is for the beauty we share in reaching
C is for your creative way of teaching
D is for doing it over 'til it's right
E is for the effort you pour into preparing each night
F is for watching how far we can go
G is for helping us blossom and grow
H is for reaching for that star so high
I is for imagination, for the courage to try
J is for joy in touching a life in a meaningful way
K is for kindness you bring children each day
L is for the love of teaching we see
M is for the 'me' you're helping me to be
N is for never being to busy to stay
O is for overcoming our desire to stray
P is for the positives you bring to each
Q is for the quintessential way to teach
R is for your willingness to give us a reason
S is for teaching us to appreciate each season
T is for touching those that sit before you
U is for understanding our fear of all that's new
V is for the vitality you show each day
W is for the wonderment you bring our way
X is for the extra-special teacher we see
Y is for our sense of yearning to be, and
Z is for putting up with the 'zoo!'

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