Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is Spring here?

Is it Spring? I sure hope so. Winter was so long this year....

Anyhow, that means spring cleaning...

This month I will try to follow some ideas from the Simple Abundance book by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Make a comfort drawer;
This drawer is to cheer you up when you are down in the dumps. In my drawer are scented candles, pretty pjs, letters and feel good memorabilia, face mask, bubble bath and magazines..

Take a spring walk!

Discover your favorite colors and patterns. Visit a fabric store. Look at paint chips. Now find ways to introduce your favorite colors to your life.

Browse your home with paper and pen. Look at all your belongings. Whatever isn't useful or beautiful, write it on your list. Now write on your calendar to do one room a month. Get rid of all that you put on your list.

Putter to some music. Rearrange and go through momentos

Display one of your collections.

Rent old movies and check out the decor.

Read decorating books.

Redecorate Bedroom. Make a beautiful bed with wonderful sheets and bedcovers. Get rid of the clutter that doesn't allow you to relax. Add personal touches

Every day can be redeemed through simple pleasures.I had an awful day the other day where I just kept getting behind. Finally I decided to spend a few minutes reading a novel. I felt so much happier by just taking that little pleasure. And I eventually got caught up.

Read books you loved as a child like "Little Women", "Little House on the Prarie" and "Nancy Drew". I think I will start with "Anne of Green Gables."

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