Sunday, March 25, 2007

Multi-tasking is "out"

I read this article the other day and it made me think. Is multi-tasking "out"? As a mom I multi-task all the time.... Can we do both???

You’re busy, we know. That long “Must-Do” list often outweighs the “Want-To” list. And get this—apparently multi-tasking is “out”. But hold onto your checklist because apparently, the new term is multi-purposing. Multi-purposing allows you to check off your wants and your haves at the same time. For example, you want to get fit; you want to connect more with your friends and family; and you want to do something with all those great photos sitting in your hard drive. But you have too much to do: what with work, the household chores, the shopping, the chopping and the prepping. We say multi-purpose by getting your friends together and kill two birds with one stone. Check out the savvymom website for more details.

What works for me is the Honey-do-list. Thanks Honey!!!


(Angie) Norththreads: said...

This is a wonderful article. Im loving you bathroom color its very similar to what im doing as we speak in mine!!Thanks so much for popping by!

Dee Light said...

What a great idea. But first I'm going to have to get organized and clean my house so my friends can come over, and I'll have to go grocery shopping, and oh, the laundry I'll need a cute outfit or atleast a clean apron. I think I'm hopeless.

No, I really like the idea. I've been thinking my friends should get together and prepare some meals for the freezer. Reading this article makes me see how practicle it could be.