Monday, May 05, 2008


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Spring! It's time to refresh, declutter and renew. I have so many plans to fix up, paint and redecorate, my list is ready. It rained all weekend, but a perfect weekend to catch up. We watched movies, made brownies and started our bookclub selection. I finally watched 27 dresses. I cried, I always cry at weddings, don't know why. I also did some shopping on etsy, can't wait to share my finds with you next week.

I'm off again on business, after that no more business travelling until October. I love my home. I love to nest, and hang around with the family. Keep well, enjoy your week everyone.


Jen Kershner said...

Love that picture- those colors and textures-yummy! Your weekend sounds wonderful. I need to rent that movie too. I never seem to find the time to watch movies anymore.

CIELO said...

Lovely pic.... is that from your house?


Nancy said...

Hi there...

Thank-you so much for visiting my blog and joining in the giveaway.
I am happy to meet a fellow Canadian. I love your blog...I noticed that you visited Vermont...I am originally from Ontario and never got to Vermont. I want to take a holiday there sometime...maybe next fall. That is one of my dream holidays...

Have a great holiday Monday!

Sarah said...

Oh!!!! I loved the cover of this Country Living Magazine!