Saturday, March 21, 2009


Picture credit: Sandra Lane

I'm here! I'm not in Paris, I'm just too busy with everyday life. My family keeps me busy and work is always full of challenges. I look forward when I get that extra 10 min. to sit down and check in with my blog friends. I grab my coffee and catch up with the latest news.

In other news, it's confirmed, my 7 girlfriends and I booked our Girlfriend getaway trip. Looking forward to some fun time on the beach in Tampa in May. Hmm, what do I need to pack for 4 days on the beach? I'm okay packing for my family but when it comes to me?

I had to order a new dishwasher since mine was acting funny, can't wait, we're getting it tomorrow. A shiny brand new stainless steel dishwasher...

That's it for now, my laundry is calling me.

Enjoy your weekend!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Small world! I live in the Tampa Bay area! By May it should be plenty warm for you, pack light! And sunscreen! :)



Aunt Spicy said...

What a fun trip to go to the beach with girlfriends! Pack light and then when you don't have something go shopping ;)

Jen @ said...

How exciting! What a fun thing to do! Have a wonderful time in the sun!


KarenB said...

Just a little note to tell you that I think your blog design is the best I've seen. SO creative and fabulous. Is this your handiwork or whose? I really love it. Have fun on your trip. I've got two coming up that I'm excited about. Packing is icky, let alone packing for the beach. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

sounds soooo fun!

please come on over and pick up your award!