Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor of Love

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The next thing I'd like to do to my house is jazz up my master bathroom.  This is my inspiration picture, isn't it beautiful?  We already have the beadboard up but I realized that the hardest part is finding the right piece!  I'm going crazy looking for something like this! 

Labor Day is a weekend to relax, barbecue, catch up with family and friends, and soak in the last rays of summer sunshine.  Yesterday I cleaned up and finished reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.  I cried and laughed out loud, great book! 

Off to another lazy day, I'm catching up on cooking and laundry *wink*.

Enjoy your day!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Angie, those pieces are a little tricky just because they need to be the right height, but the fun is the hunting!!! That is a pretty look, we can't wait to see your version of it!!

Nicole said...

Love that inspiration pic! Beautiful!

FEDERICA said...

You choose a great inspiration pic!

Anonymous said...

love using pieces of furniture, to re-purpose into something amazing.. like your inspiration photo! hit some estate sells, as they will prove to be much less expensive than antique shops! good luck on your hunt!!

BellaRosa said...

You have such a beautiful blog, your posts and pictures all make me smile. I will be back to continue my visit soon and see more beauties. Rose

Its So Very Cheri said...

That is gorgeous.

My blog has just been growing like a crazy weed and I haven't been able to get by for as many visits. I miss all my blog friends.
Come for a visit and see both of my new parties for the week. They are up every week and I hope you will participate.

Its So Very Cheri

LuLu said...

I hope you find the perfect piece, that would be a dreamy bathroom.

Janean said...

As someone who has THREE..count them...three sideboards, this is a great idea for one. Thanks!

julie - eab designs said...

I love this look too. The hardest part about finding a piece that would be suitable would be the legs and height requirement. I might look for an antique chest and then have a simple base with legs built to go under the chest. Love the beadboard too!

Anonymous said...


I really like your blog. and the background is lovely

I just started mine a few weeks ago, and i would really appreciate it if you read it and told me what you think.

- Jill

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love your inspiration picture. I can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out. Thanks for following my blog & I plan to do the same.